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Suavecito is one of the top rated pomades if you are looking for the right pomade for styling and grooming your hair. The Suavecito pomades, despite being the high-quality pomades, are available at affordable prices. I am sure that after going through the amazing features and Suavecito pomade reviews, you will not be able to resist yourself from buying one of the best Suavecito pomades for you.

Let’s straightaway explore the features of Suavecito pomades and find what gives it the reputation of being one of the best pomades to date.

Looks and Fragrance. The Suavecito pomades are a bit brownish in color and transparent. You can see through it. The moment you open the lid of the box; you will be mesmerized by the aroma that reminds of a cologne reminiscent of a masculine smell.

Texture. The Suavecito pomade is a smooth formulation in the form of a gel. The texture of the pomade is non-greasy and easily spreads on the hands after gently rubbing on your hands.

Shine. The Suavecito pomades offer medium to high gloss that lasts throughout the day. It doesn’t get affected by harsh weather conditions.

Application. The pomade can be effortlessly applied on the hair without any lumps or smudges. With minimal tugging, the Suavecito is easy in styling compared to other brands. All the variants of Suavecito pomades offer varying degree of hardness to the hair on application.

Hold. Versatility I would say is the right way to explain the range of holds this pomade provides. The Suavecito pomades are capable of providing you light/medium/strong hold depending upon the amount of pomade you use. The pomade gives a great hold to your hair and keeps the style in place as well as light and natural looks. The Suavecito has one variant in the name of “Firme-Hold-Pomade” that is specifically designed for unruly and thick hair.

Durability. This is one of the vital factors to consider when buying a pomade. The Suavecito Pomade lasts long and the hair style is not affected by rain, wind or sleeping.

Wash-ability. All Suavecito pomades are easily washable with a simple rinse using water. So, no harsh shampoos or cleansers to remove the pomade. Also, the pomade does not leave any residues on hair, keeping the scalp clean.

Ingredients. The Suavecito pomades are made of high-quality ingredients and most of them are natural. Castor oil and Beeswax keeps the hair moist and covers the hair with a protective layer that prevents the hair from any damages.


  • Available as water soluble
  • Easily washable
  • Very economical
  • Medium to strong Hold
  • Moderate shine
  • Lasts long
  • Smells great


  • The hair style may get disturbed by strong wind if small quantity of pomade is used.


Top 3 Suavecito pomade reviews – 2017

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold 4 oz.

2-suavecito-pomadeThe Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold is meant for both men and women who are having thick, messy or curly hair. The pomade has the strongest hold and styles the hair the same way as wax. The best part about this pomade is that you can control the firmness. When applied on dry hair, you will get a firmer hair style and natural matte shine. If applied on damp hair, you will get moderate hold with a natural shine.

Although the pomade is marked as firm hold pomade, restyling is easy with wet comb or fingers. The flexibility in restyling while maintaining the grip of the hair style is one of the selling points of this pomade. Being a water based pomade, you are not going to face any problem in removing the pomade and there are no chances of any flakes left on the scalp.

Proudly manufactured in California, USA, the Suavecito pomade is essentially gives the little help you need to tame your unruly, rough or thick hair. The pomade is equally capable of managing pompadours, side-hair or slick backs. The pomade is accompanied by unique cologne scent ready to impress the people(read girls!) around you.

Appreciated and preferred by barbers and stylists, the Suavecito formulated a pomade that is affordable and does not burn hole in customer’s pocket. Suavecito has been successful in its endeavor to provide reasonable grooming products without compromising on the quality. Launched few years back, Suavecito has become one of the global brands in short period.

The pomade as the name suggests is firm, the moment you scoop it out with a finger. The gel-textured pomade easily melts in your hands once you rub it and distributes evenly in to the roots and outer layer of hair. The ingredients like castor oil provides the necessary moisture to the hair and beeswax, another natural ingredient provides an additional layer on the hair to protect the hair from heat and dust.

Once you buy this top rated pomade from Suavecito, just be assured there are no side effects like hair fall or skin-acne problems since the pomade is made from high quality ingredients and quality tested. The pomade has got 4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars from more than 1132 customers.

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Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz.

41nug5mt4kl-01_sl500_The Suavecito Pomade Original Hold is water soluble that comes in a 4 Oz. packing. Suavecito Pomade might look similar to other pomades but you need not get disillusioned and over-ride this pomade. It has many key features that make this pomade unique and stand out among its counterparts from other brands.

When you open the lid of pomade pack you will find a beer colored gel and a mild cologne aroma. The texture looks creamy but when you rub it on the hands it melts easily and consistently. Unlike other pomades, the Suavecito pomade runs through your hair without any hassles. You will hardly feel any stickiness on the hair.

The Suavecito pomade gives moderate firmness and provides you great flexibility in styling your hair. With medium hold, it is easy to comb your hair. You can easily manage any kind of hair you are blessed with. The wavy hair can be tamed gracefully with this pomade and the style remain intact throughout the day. So, whether you have short or long hair, there is no need to buy expensive pomades from other brands. Buy this matchless pomade from Suavecito. The pomade is water soluble and is easy to wash off with plain water.

The hair styles can get disordered while changing clothes or due to some other reasons but you can easily re-style the hair groomed with Suavecito pomade by re-combing it. With this pomade, the hair will get little firmness so it is easy to manage your hair.

The directions to use it are rather simple. You need a pinch of pomade, rub it on hands and apply evenly with fingertips into the roots. To get rid of pomade was never so easy. Highly recommended by the stylish people, this Original Hold Pomade has got an unbelievable 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars from over 1007 customers.

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Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold 4 (Pack of 3)

61v68mx-xlGreat for pompadours and slick backs, the Suavecito Firm Hold pomade is capable of taming all type of unruly hair. Made is USA, the pomade provides that extra hold, needed to make difficult hair manageable. The pomade provides a perfect shine and hold needed to style all types of hair.

Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold is one of the pomade with strongest hold, even a little bit of pomade will last a long way on curly or thick hair. The another prominent feature of this Firm pomade is that your permanent hair style is not affected by humid conditions and will not cause acne on forehead or irritation to eyes unlike the strong pomades from other brands. So, take a stroll with a style and get unending praises from your admirers as you move around in a party.

Several companies market their pomades carrying masculine smell but believe me this one from Suavecito has the real masculine cologne fragrance which is pleasant and feels clean. This non greasy, easy-to-wash, water based pomade does not make the hair sticky and holds them perfectly at the same time. If you gift this pomade to your husband or boyfriend, he is surely going to love you more for gifting him such an effective and easy-to-use grooming product.

Only a small portion of this firm-pomade is needed to style the dry hair otherwise it will make the combing difficult. The pomade provides a natural matte finish to the hair.

The offer comes as a pack of 3 pomade cups at an amazingly discounted price. So if you are a regular user of pomades it is recommended to buy this 3-pack rather than buying a solo unit. The Suavecito firm hold bundle pack is recommended based on rating and positive customer feedback. The pomade has got incredible 4.8 stars from 5.0 stars from over 340 Amazon customers.

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Final Words

Suavecito pomades truly deserves an applaud for its water based formulation with wax like results, easy re-styling, matte shine and a firm hold. A versatile pomade from the above list is going to complete your personal grooming kit.

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