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Styling in men starts from hair or should I better say pomades? Styling men since the time immemorial, ‘Pomade’ has come a long way from being a greasy gel to soft and easy-to-use hair pomade at present and that is why they have become an integral part of every guy’s hairstyling kit today.

But using pomade to get a perfectly structured Brad-Pit-hair or precisely messed Tom-cruise-hairstyle is not a cake walk. It requires a lot of effort and techniques to master pomade styling. And I know you have been struggling with it for a long time now. Though I agree that a perfect pomade hairstyling can only be learnt through one’s own experience by regular use, but I can definitely help you out with some quick tips and techniques to make your road-to-a-perfect-hairstyle easier.

To guide you further, I have also included a detailed review of the most popular pomade brand, i.e. LAYRITE Pomades, so that you are able to choose the right pomade for you. I am not favoring it by writing an exclusive Layrite Pomade Review; you can definitely go for any other brand of your choice. It is just that LAYRITE Pomades are becoming more and more popular these days, so it will be prudent to review them, just for the sake of guidance.

So first are tips, as I promised a few seconds ago. Read them and use them, and share with your friends if you like them. Here they are –

  • My first advice always is to choose the right pomade according to your hair type, because it is after all your hair that is going to interact with the pomade at the first And if the pair is mismatched then the duet won’t look good. Hence choose a light pomade (like LAYRITE Deluxe Original Pomade) if your hairs are thin and opt for a heavy one ( like LAYRITE Super Hold Pomade) if your hairs are thick or wavy.
  • Wash your hair under the shower and then wait until they get rid of the excessive water. Dry your hands well before using them.
  • Start with a finger tip amount and then apply more if needed. Do not spill a lot at once when using a new brand for the very first time. Different pomades come with different holding capacities. Therefore, check how much of it is sufficient for your hair and apply the exact amount. Neither less nor more, the exact amount!!
  • Do not apply pomade to wet hair, because then they won’t cope up with the oil present in the pomade. Also, don’t use them over completely dry hair as then you may face difficulty in controlling them. The optimal method is to apply pomades on damp hair.
  • While applying the pomade, use both your hands. Scoop out and mix between both your palms and then rake thoroughly over the hair. Make sure you apply it as thoroughly as possible, from root to tip, because a heterogeneous application will result in unmanageable hairs and imperfection in styling.
  • Remove the pomade at the end of the day using a shampoo and conditioner. It is recommended to use organic and herbal shampoos so that they not only wash your hair but also repair any damage done to the hair.
  • It is suggested to use a water-based pomade as they are less greasy and do not require the use of hard hair wash. The only con is that they last lesser than the oil-based pomades.

Use these tips to get best out of your pomade after you have bought one for you. And if you haven’t yet decided or bought any pomade, then take a glance at the following Layrite Pomade Review, it might help you.

Though Layrite offers a wide range of hair care products and pomades, I have listed here my top three choices for Layrite Pomade Review, which I felt are worth trying.  So there you go –

LAYRITE Super Hold Pomade

1_61610Got to deal with your exceptionally stubborn and awfully curly strands? Buy an LAYRITE Super Hold pomade to get your problem solved. It is formulated for disobedient, unmanageable hair. It is a water-based pomade and works exactly according to its name. This is the key feature here, i.e. it has irresistible holding capacity. It offers a long lasting hold without making your hair stiff. It can hold the structure for an entire day without hardening it. Long lasting hold with softness, that’s the USP.

It doesn’t flake away with time and the door for restyling or reshaping is always open.  Being water soluble, it shines very well and rinses off very quickly, without any hard work. There is a reason why LAYRITE pomades are so much in demand.

‘It holds like wax and washes off like gel’, that’s what they say in the description and prove it as you use it. You won’t even need a hairspray trust me! Just apply it and forget, because it will keep every hair under control until the end of the day. And your girl won’t complain about the greasiness either because it keeps your hairs soft without compromising with the hold.

Want pompadour? This is your product!

Like stylishly combed-behind hairs? This is your product!

In a mood to carry that messy-cool-dude look around? Still, this is your product!

You see that’s the catch, it goes well for all the hairstyles and offers you a large room for variations. It is best for thick hairs with stubborn curls. If your hairs don’t follow your instructions, get an LAYRITE Super Hold Pomade and it will make them obey you. It works miracles for short or mid-length hairs but is not as effective as said for long stray hairs. If you have lengthier locks (I mean longer than about 6 inches) then you may face disappointment. The pomade has got high 4.5 star rating out of 5.0 from over 862 Amazon customers.

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LAYRITE Deluxe Original Pomade

lr01-3This classic LAYRITE pomade for regular usage has all the basics in it. It is for those who like the decent and sober styling. It is water-based pomade but possesses all the good qualities of oil-based pomade. It is light to carry and gives a moderate shine and offers a moderate hold to the hairs.  It does well for fine hairs and goes really good for medium length or long hairs. However, if you have short hairs, then you may find it difficult to align everything using this Deluxe original. You can use it as a base creator, you may settle around locks using it to create the base and then use Super Hold for taming the areas which require strict alignment.

This is easy to wash and will never damage your hair. It won’t flake and last longer than other pomades of its competitive range. It requires very less water and gives moderate shine with natural damp-hair-look finish with a blissful vanilla scent. The only con with this is its medium strength which weighs down hair and hence is not suitable for pompadours. You may find it difficult to preserve the height of the pomps with this pomade. The pomade has got high 4.5 star rating out of 5.0 from over 619 Amazon customers.

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LAYRITE Cement Matte Hair Clay

1439219013325This one is actually clay, not pomade and is formulated for highly textured hairstyles that require an extremely crunchy hold. It gives tremendous hold to the hairs with a matte finish (as the name suggests). A small amount works a lot so start with a fingertip amount and increase gradually if needed. It is good for thick hair and for textured and edgy styling. It is effective when used in dry hair and gives a good finish with a little heat. So you can blow dry it a little bit after applying or you can rub it well in between the palms for a little warmth. It is a thick paste so is a little difficult to apply all over. Hence you should use it along with Deluxe Original Pomade. With pomade, prepare the basic structure and apply the cement wherever firmness is needed.

The key feature of this cement is its impeccable hold and control along with shine and natural finish. Best for doing pompadour, and will give you a well-defined and precise height and maintain it for long.

So you can go around, run over here and there without worrying about hair because LAYRITE Cement Matte Hair Clay will hold it tightly and prevent wrapping up. The only con is that it is too difficult to apply because it is a tough stuff. You will have to rub it a lot and for long between your palms to apply. The pomade has got high 4.2 star rating out of 5.0 from 195 Amazon customers.

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LAYRITE Pomades are best when used in pairs. Use lighter pomades like Deluxe Original for crafting basic structure and then use heavier pomade like Super Hold, to give the edgy finish and strong hold. For pompadours, use Deluxe along with the cement. After hairstyling, you can use other LAYRITE products like LAYRITE Super Shine to give your hairs a final classy sheen finish.

Hope you received some enlightenment from my Layrite pomade review. You can also read customer reviews of all these products on

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