Best Water Based Pomade For Men (2017 ULTIMATE GUIDE)

There are a lot of grooming and styling products in the market and most of them use harsh chemicals that may harm your skin or hair and there is no exception to pomade either. The pomades are available both as oil and water based. Some people find the oil based pomades acne-prone and damaging to the scalp besides making the hair greasy and hard to wash it off.

The water-based pomade is the latest innovation that uses water as the main ingredient. The water-based pomade is light weight and easy to remove without leaving any harmful residues on the scalp. These are the reviews of 5 best water based pomades based on features like popularity, holding power, shine and flexibility.


Reviews of best water based pomades 2017

Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Paste 4 oz.

1429355_amazon1000__24573_zoomIf you are looking for a pomade that is natural and light on the head, then your search ends with Imperial Barber pomade. The pomade is made from all natural ingredients that include extracts from bamboo, green tea, and sunflower. So there are no reasons to worry about skin or hair ailments arising out of applying pomades. This not-heavy pomade does not weigh down your hair and instead adds volume to your hair while retaining the moisture in the hair.

The Imperial Barber pomade is the best pomade for waves. The pomade exhibits light to medium hold and is best for loose and wavy hairstyles. Apart from donning young and vivacious looks, the pomade can be used effectively to put on more mature and classic executive-hair styles. This is a premium product from Imperial Barber that is water based pomade, eliminating any woes of sticky and greasy residues on hair. You can easily wash this pomade from your hair without any hassles of applying some sort of strong chemicals.

Those who are not interested in having a high shine or just prefer natural and matte finish, the Imperial Barber Pomade is the right pick for them. The pomade works great with any kind of hair and can be reactivated with just a small touch-up of water. The travelers do not have to worry about their styles since this pomade from Imperial Barber is not affected by any weather conditions, be it rain, strong winds or extreme sunlight.

The pomade comes in a 4 oz. packing and works for many days since you need a tiny amount in your hands to get wonderful hair style in no time. The Imperial Barber matte pomade has been able to gather remarkable 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars by over 150 Amazon customers.

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REUTZEL Hair Pomade, Red, 4 oz.

443d45c6be0694cae047f1483442a546-500The moment you, unpack it, you will be impressed by the red metal can of Reuzel Hair Pomade. This beautiful designed red can is filled with feature-enriched water based pomade that not only provides high shine to your hair but also creates an aroma of cola scent around you. The pomade is manufactured in the USA but formulated in Holland with finest of the ingredients.

The Reuzel pomade offers you a decent control on the hold and looks. The pomade can be used as heavy as well as light weight. For stronger and heavy hold, you have to apply the pomade on dry hair and it will give even better results if the hair is blown dry before applying pomade and for light weight, simply towel dry the hair and you will get a wavy hairstyle.

The hairstyle done with Reuzel pomade lasts throughout the day without any disordering of the hair. The pomade maintains its consistency and does not harden the hair. You can re-style your hair with a wet comb or simply create any style with your fingers.

You need to apply only a small quantity on your fingertips to get even the thicker hair into any desired style and it will last for days. The pomade has a light scent and keeps pleasant aura around you. The Reuzel pomade does not give you any greasy feeling and can be washed off if needed by rinsing the hair with water.

This 4 oz. the solid can is easy to carry and you can gift it to someone special. The Reuzel pomade has got 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars byย  over 113 Amazon customers.

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O’Douds – All Natural Water Based Pomade (4 oz.)

galleonph-8036274-0Oโ€™Douds pomade is the best water based pomade in the list that consists of 100% natural and safe ingredients. Candelilla wax, Beeswax, shea butter, castor oil and jojoba oil are some of the natural ingredients used in the pomade that provides moisture, antioxidants, protective layer to hair and scalp, vitamins and fatty acids necessary for the nourishment and protection of scalp and hair.

The pomade is a beige color paste that when applied to hair distributes evenly throughout the hair. Even the first-timers wonโ€™t have to work hard to get their desired style. All types of hair can be groomed with Oโ€™douds water based all-natural pomade. The pomade carries a natural citrus cedar smell.

Since the pomade is water based, it is easy to wash it and there is no need to use and shampoo or conditioner as the Oโ€™doud pomade has all the necessary ingredients that will clean, condition and nourish the hair once the hair is rinsed with water.

The pomade has medium to strong hold that will bind your hair tightly the whole day and is not affected by any extreme environmental conditions. The pomade will provide low shine to the hair to let your hair look all the way natural. This pomade is homemade and uses all the natural herbs to formulate this unquestionable safe product.

The all-natural Oโ€™doud pomade is highly recommended and has got 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars by over 97 Amazon customers.

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Shiner Gold Pomade

shiner-gold-malaysiaThe pomade from shiner gold is another amazing stuff on the top of the list of water-based pomades. Designed and formulated specifically for thick and messy hair, the pomade can be used for other hair types effectively. The moment you open the little silver can, you will be ravished by a sweet yet light scent. The pomade slicks the hair tightly and also softens the thick hair which can be res-styled any number of times during the day.

Although the Shiner Gold Pomade is marketed as heavy hold pomade, it is quite easy to remove it since the pomade is water-based and does not leave the hair greasy. As the name implies, the hair finish features high shine. The pomade works well with both dry and wet hair.

When it comes to the formulation, the Shiner Gold Pomade contains castor oil that is a remarkable natural ingredient helps to repair and detoxify the hair. The castor oil also helps in the retention of moisture in the hair. Apart from castor oil, the beeswax present in the pomade provides a spongy layer to the hair that protects the hair as well as keeps the hair moist.

The stronghold, the pomade offers to keep the hairstyle intact even in adverse weather conditions. Well, guys! It is really a time to shine, as the tagline says. Just give it a try and rest assured you will not regret at all. The Shiner Gold Pomade has got a whopping 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars from extremely satisfied 113 customers.

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Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade Medium Hold, 100ml

51y3ylfgprlMade in the UK, The Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade offers medium hold and medium shine, the most preferred features of any best water based pomade among the young guns. Dapper Dan developed menโ€™s styling and grooming products in order to fulfill the styling needs that are not met with other brands. All the styling requirements are met with Dapper Dan which can be applied on short, medium and long hair with any kind of texture.

Dapper Dan pomade is little expensive but is feature-rich and provides you authentic look without putting on any harsh chemicals. Since the pomade has moderate hold you have the flexibility to re-style your hair at any time during the day. The pomade is accompanied by fruity scent leaving you to feel fresh all day long.

Since the pomade from Dapper Dan is water based, it is easy to get rid of pomade by just rinsing the hair with water. It is true that some products are under-rated and Dapper Dan pomade is one of them. The pomade gives a fair competition to all the major brands in its category.

The pomade will not let you down on any special occasion and will provide you the best looks that will impress all around you. With pleasing smell, flexible hold and natural shine, the Dapper Dan pomade is worth every penny. The pomade is highly recommended for all men who want to treat their hair best. The pomade has got 4.4 stars out of 5.0stars from over 89 customers.

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Final Words

To give great looks to your locks, picking up the right pomade is the key. whether you have an experience in grooming your hair or just started to experiment with your hair styling, the modern approach to hair styling that is water based pomades keep the things easy and let you style your hair with more versatility and flexibility. To help you in getting the right pomade, read the reviews and feedback of some satisfied customers on online shopping sites like Amazon. Suggestions from likeminded people will definitely help you in getting the right looks that you have been looking for.

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