Best Pomade For Men (LATEST REVIEWS FOR BUYER’S 2017)

Many of us find it hard to look presentable with messy or untidy hair. Most of us are very familiar with bad hair day, especially those days when we have to look the best. Parties, get-togethers, interview, date are some occasions when the unmanageable hair can ruin the spirit as well as the occasion.


Many of us try various hair-dos with the help of different styling gels, oils, serums or lotions. The latest trend in the hairstyle world is styling the hair with pomade. Pomade is preferred by the stylish men who look for noticeable improvement in hair texture, tone, style and shine in minimal time.

Pomade is another waxy product just like styling gel or hairsprays with the advantage over them is that the pomade lasts longer since it does not dry fast and offers you a better control on your hair making them manageable and easy to set. All the latest hair styling can be done with pomade whether it is pompadour, medium hair, longer hair on top with shorter sides, wavy hair with movement. If you are one of those who bask in the glory of yesteryear hairstyles, you will not be disappointed with the outcome when you get a classic style with hair slicked back using pomade.

Popular in early 60โ€™s the pomade has made an impressive comeback and is used by youngsters on a large scale for grooming and styling in a better way than ever. The pomade can be used to groom all types of hair so whether you have a messy hair, thin hair, thick hair or curly hair, you can keep up with the latest hair and fashion trends.

Types of Pomade

Pomades available in the market are primarily of two types. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Oil Based Pomade. This pomade is petroleum based and is insoluble in water. The oil based pomade offers better shine and the hairstyles last for longer period of times without requiring frequent touch-ups. The oil-based pomade is less expensive than water-based pomade and due to its highly concentrated composition, less quantity is required and hence it lasts longer. The only disadvantage is that it can be washed off with great difficulty.

Water based Pomade. This water-soluble pomade is based on water and provides low to medium shine to the hair style. You can be the style dude by trying out different hair styles in no time. This pomade does not make your hair greasy like oil. More expensive than an oil-based pomade, water-based pomade is easy to remove. The only con is that it dries up during the day.

Benefits of Pomade

Pomade, unlike traditional wax or hair gel, is a non-greasy highly concentrated solution which does not leave any residue in your hair after washing it off. The greasy residues left by conventional hair styling products are harmful to hair and can cause scaling, itching, hair fall or other hair problems. The latest water based pomades can be removed by simply rinsing your hair under water without any need for a strong hair cleanser.

The pomades are compatible with most of the hair types whether the hair is thin, thick, curly, messy or course. The pomades offer various textures and styles to your hair and can be applied on dry as well as wet hair depending on the look and feel of your hair (matte/shiny) you need.


Features to consider while picking best pomade for men

There are a number of brands selling pomades of various formulations. The right choice of pomade strongly depends on the type of your hair and the hairstyle you want to show off. Some of the common yet important features of best menโ€™s pomade are:


This is the vital component of any hair styling pomade. To formulate any solution, you have to have a base with which all other ingredients are mixed. As far as pomades are concerned, the base can be

  • Water
  • oil, wax
  • grease
  • water and oil
  • water and wax.

Depending on your hair type and the preferred hairstyle, you can choose any of the pomade bases. If you prefer stronghold and extremely high shine, oil or wax base is the right pick for you. If you like a little less glossy hair and want a re-style during the day, then water base is the best.


When picking the best pomade for your hair, you have to decide on the hold you need on your hair. Pomades are available with hold-strength that ranges from low, medium to firm hold. A pomade with the firm or strong hold will let your hair stay in its position for a longer period of time, rarely requiring a touchup


Shine is another feature to look for in pomades. You can go for the natural or medium shine to high shine depending on your style quotient and occasion.


If you are the one who hits the bed directly after a hot and happening party with no hassles of removing pomade from your hair, then its better you go for water based pomade since it is easy to wash it by simply rinsing the hair under water. The greasy or oil based pomades are hard to wash off so if wash-ability is one of your prime concerns do not buy any wax or grease-based pomade. It does tests your patience!


All the pomades have some kind of scent associated with them. You can check the fragrance of the pomade since the aroma of pomade will go along with you, wherever you go. Although the scent of the pomade is a personal choice, picking a fragrance that lasts long is not a bad idea at all. Just check that the aroma of pomade does not ruin the fun of wearing that special fragrance you have bought just for the occasion.


The ingredients of the pomade should be harmless and no strong chemicals should be used in the composition. Look for natural ingredients as far as possible and the formulation should be Paraben free.

Reviews of best pomade for men 2017

Smooth Viking Haircare

1-smooth-vikingMade in the USA, Smooth Viking Hair Pomade is the panacea to all your hair styling woes. Prepared from high-quality ingredients, Smooth Viking Pomade ensures the safety and upkeep of your skin and hair. One of the best styling products in the market, it is water-based pomade, efficient enough to provide varying hair styles to any type of hair quality.

The smooth Viking Hair care does not make your hair greasy while holding your hair to perfection throughout the day. You have to apply only a small quantity of pomade to get the nice and shiny hair do. This versatile pomade can be applied to both dry as well as wet hair to groom them as per the occasion. Since it not wax-based, you can simply wash your hair with water to remove it. Just rinse your hair with normal water and there you go! Getting the original hair in minutes.

If you need a solid matte finish or a wet shiny look, the smooth Viking Hair pomade is ideal for fresh and sexy looks, enough to impress the gorgeous women around. The light fragrance it gives out makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. So, whether you want to look more stylish among your colleagues at workplace or want to wear a striking look in a party, Smooth Viking Hair Care is there to please you and the people around.

The Smooth Viking Hair is pocket-friendly and has been rated with 4.3 stars by 1079 satisfied customers. Highly recommended for both classic and modern looks, this is the best hair pomade on the list for long time.

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Suavecito Pomade Firm Hold 4 Oz.

2-suavecito-pomadeThis is a professional grade pomade used by hair dressers and stylists. Suavecito is a light-scented pomade suitable for both genders. Suavecito has surprised the styling product industry by launching cheap yet effective shaving and styling products. This pomade is water-soluble and has a strong hold on hair. The hair-style lasts all through the day without any messing. Although it holds like concrete, washing it is just easy by rinsing the hair under the shower unlike oil based pomade where you have to use strong hair cleansers to remove it.

Unlike pomades from other brands, the Suavecito Pomade smells sweet, it has a little cologne fragrance keeping you feel fresh all day long. It is the best pomade for thick hair and thin hair and suitable for styling long, short or medium hair. Whether you have a curly or straight hair, the pomade is effective in styling your hair to retro, classical or modern looks.

The pomade may dry when exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time but you can restore your hair style in seconds by combing the hair with wet-comb. If we talk about shine, the Suavecito Pomade does not have a high shine. You can slick it back and the hair will hold tightly without making them wavy, unlike other brands.

The pomade works great not only on hair but can also be applied on moustache and beard effectively. This multi-purpose easily washable pomade is available in 4 Oz packing at a very reasonable price. The Suavecito Pomade has got 4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars by more than 1108 Amazon customers.

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American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men

american-crew-pomade-medium-hold-high-shine-3-oz-free-shipping-for-men-6265616932dd8970e03b3d8437dcdda0This transparent pomade is made in the USA and does not give a heavy look to hair. This lightweight pomade is a non-greasy water-soluble formulation that will keep your hair look natural and flowy for a long period of time. The pomade is made from high-quality ingredients that ensure that that your hair is not damaged and the hairstyle is maintained for extended period of time.

The American crew pomade offers medium hold that ensures that you can easily comb through the hair smoothly with the hair not getting hard to re-style in a day. The pomade is definitely going to make your date a memorable one since this pomade provides high shine to hair which casts a lasting impression on your spouse and friends.

The American Crew has a subtle masculine aroma that is perfect for men hair-styling. The another advantage of American Crew pomade is that it is easy to wash off pomade completely without leaving any after-residues. The pomade uses natural ingredients like coconut oil based glycerin and Ginseng root extracts that also nourishes the hair naturally along with making it the best styling product.

The pomade can be applied on both dry as well as wet hair and gives the final texture to the hair that is commendable. Recommended for medium to long hair, the American Crew clearly stands out in its category and is the best menโ€™s pomade available to date. This economically priced pomade has able to nurture 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars fromย more than 1108 Amazon followers.

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Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5 oz.


With no color changes and no adverse effect of weather, the Uppercut Deluxe pomade has managed to remain in the list best pomades for men. Since the 1950s the Uppercut barber supplies is delivering high-quality grooming products allowing both classical as well as modern looks. Manufactured in Australia, the Uppercut pomade bears medium hold making it accessible to re-style your hair any number of times during the day.

The Uppercut Pomade provides medium shine, preferred by most men. The pomade is water-soluble which debars any wax residues to be left on hair after rinsing the hair to get rid of pomade easily. The pomade has pleasing vanilla smell liked by opposite sex, a lot. The pomade completely makes over your personality to a higher level with high and tight slick hair or pompadour looks.

Depending on whether you apply on dry or damp hair, with Uppercut Deluxe Pomade you will be able to get a matte finish and glossy finish respectively. ย Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is suitable for both thick and finer hair since the pomade has a medium hold. Since the product is developed by barbers themselves, the pomade is formulated keeping in mind the feedback and requirements from the real-time users of gels and hair solutions.

Rightly priced, the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade comes in 3.5 oz. packing and provides the natural finish to your hair for longer durations. The pomade has got 4.2 stars from 5.0 stars from over 571 content Amazon customers.

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Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4 oz.

1_61610If you are having an extremely rough or curly hair and fed up with non-satisfactory results from gels and hair sprays, then super-hold pomade from Layrite is the right answer to all your hair woes. The pomade provides strong grip to the hair and can be shaped in any style. The super strong hold ensures that the hairstyle is maintained in all weather conditions.

Although the Layrite Pomade has extremely strong hold, you can easily restyle hair with a comb or just hands after making the hair slightly wet. The pomade is water soluble and hence you have good control over your hair. You can get a strong hold and elevated hair style with hair-dryer and get medium hold if you towel dry your hair and get a high shine on wet hair.

Since the Pomade is made from high-quality ingredients, you are not going to face any hair problem like scaling or skin problem like acne. The pomade is highly concentrated and you need only little quantity to get the desired hair style. The hair style remains intact throughout the day even in extreme sunlight due to its strong hold.

The high points of this unique pomade formulated by barbers are the easy wash, mind blowing decent smell and strong hold. So whether you want to style the hair right after the haircut or want to slick longer hair, the Layrite super hold pomade does the job to perfection.

The Layrite Super Hold pomade is a showstopper product among the crowd of other pomades and has got 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from over 854 amazon users.

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The pomades have made a great comeback and those who consider pomades just waxy or greasy hair styling products will be forced to re-think since the pomades available these days have a come a long way as far as quality and finish is concerned. Various brands are now selling the pomades that are non-greasy, easy to wash and can be re-touched with mere a splash of water. The pomades are not only popular among men but its usage among the other gender is also on the rise due to the glamorous and sophisticated look.

Today, you have wide range of options to choose a pomade that suits your hair type. This guide is meant to help you to make a right decision when buying the best hair pomade for you. The top rated pomades from respectful brands are chosen above that will surely be appreciated by you and will not harm your hair anyway. If you still confused about the pomades, you can read the reviews and feedback on online shopping site like Amazon to make a perfect hairstyling decision.

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