Best Oil Based Pomade For Men (THE COMPARISON GUIDE 2017)

The oil based pomades are one of the traditional pomades which have been there for centuries. Earlier, the pomades were made from animal fats and later these fats were replaced by wax and petroleum by-products. Since the oil based pomades are insoluble in water they stay longer in the hair. The residue that remains on hair is responsible for the longer retention of oil based pomade on hair and also leads to lesser quantity of pomade to be used over the time.

Lesser known to people, the oil based pomades have many advantages over the latest water based pomades. The advantages include:

  • Unlike water-based pomades, oil based pomades use fewer chemicals so there are fewer chances of any side effects.
  • It is easy to re-style the hair styled with oil based pomades. There is no need to wet the hair since the hair is already coated with natural oils.
  • The oil based pomades have a bigger range of pomades as far as shine and hold are concerned.
  • The oil based pomades are less expensive than water based pomades because of their tedious chemical formulations


Many young barbers and hair stylists are still seen using traditional oil based pomades owing to its many attributes like high shine, high hold and pocket-friendly. Now you have been aware of the benefits of oil based pomades, letโ€™s review some of the best oil based pomades from top brands.


Reviews of best oil based pomades of 2017


reuzel-green-grease-medium-hold-113grThe best feature of this oil based Reuzel Green Grease Pomade is the level of control it provides to the hairโ€™s strength and the hair shine. Manufactured in the USA, the Reuzel pomade is formulated with high-quality ingredients including natural oils like tea tree oil, beeswax and emu oil, taking care of your hair and scalp.

The pomade from Reuzel is easy to apply. You need just a little quantity of grease between your palms and after rubbing, the solution can be applied right from the roots to the top of the hair evenly. You can vary the strength of the hold. Get a high weight when the hair is air-dried and medium weight when the hair is dried with a towel. The pomade is available in 4 Oz packing and lasts longer without losing any integrity of the grease. The Reuzel stands by its grooming products and its customer care department is always there to reply your queries.

The pomade works best on dry hair and can be used to get various hair styles that can be re-styled without any use of water or more grease. The hair styled with Reuzel pomade does not get dry and keep the hair style intact throughout the day. Unlike the pomades from other brands, this oil based pomade does not incur any itching to the scalp and is quite comfortable to use.

With the use of natural oils in the pomade, it is one of the best oil based pomades in the list with the high rating in both hold and shine. This is a truly an intelligent buy for anyone looking for quality and price, the formulation is worth the money. The Reuzel green grease oil based pomade has got 4.5 stars out of 55 stars from over 70 Amazon customers.

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the-stepford-guide-pomade-600x542If you concentrate away from well-known brands in the grooming industry, itโ€™s not hard to find out the oil based pomades like Organic Botanicals Argan Coconut Pomade. The pomade is made from 100% natural Argan and coconut oil with all other ingredients that are free from alcohol and paraben. Apart from youngsters, the pomade can be applied to the kids without the fear of any harmful effects on skin and hair.

Whether you want to keep your hair wavy or want a high or imperial hair style, the pomade is ideal for any hair type and condition and does not weigh your hair down in any harsh weather conditions. Organic botanicals have not only produced a safe pomade but it can also be termed as hair treatment solution since the pomade is enriched with beneficial Argan oil that has the attributes of fast absorption and the ability to penetrate deep into the roots of the hair. The result is that you get high shine and smooth texture of hair at the same time.

Although the pomade is oil-based you will never feel your hands and hair greasy after application. The hold is medium but will keep the hair in its position, the whole day. The pomade is organic and carries a light coconut fragrance, keeping you and your hair, fresh for longer time durations. The pomade can be washed without any hassles and is the best performer in its price range. The pomade has bagged 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars from over 85 Amazon customers.

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61datbynscl-_sy355_This is another one of the premium pomades and ODouds Traditional pomade is the best example of a right mix of traditional formulation and modern style. The pomade is available in a packing of 8 ounces and is suitable for medium to strong hold. Manufactured in U.S.A, the pomade is based on oil but the proud factor is that the ODouds traditional pomade is free from petroleum.

Thick and messy hair is not a problem with ODouds since it is capable of styling all types of hair to perfection. Whether you are going to have some trendy party wear hair style or just want a professional office-wear looks, this top listed pomade will not let you and your hair down. Accompanied by an attractive fragrance, you certainly carry an aroma that never stinks.

The reason of Odouds staying in the list of top 5 best oil based pomades is its policy of transparency and non-compromise on the quality of ingredients and finished products. The traditional pomade comprises of jojoba and castor oils, known for their fast absorption and antioxidant properties. The soy wax provides the vitamin E, necessary for the nourishment of hair.

The pomade, made from all natural ingredients is hand-crafted that offers great shine and control on your hair. The price is not too high considering the premium features, the pomade carries. This pomade is really a hard one to beat in its class and category. Highly recommended, the pomade has got 4.1 out of 5.0 stars by over 41 customers.

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Lockhart’s Authentic Hair Pomade Heavy Hold, 4 oz.

51fmwfx4zzlThis pomade is definitely one of the most versatile oil based pomades since it can be applied to any type of hair like thin, thick, short, long, curly or straight to achieve the desired results. Although the pomade is oil based, you will never feel any greasiness on hands and does not cause any white flakes or build up on the hair.

The pomade is in the form of highly concentrated cream and you need a little bit of it to get the desired hold. The pomade comes in a large 4 Oz packing at an affordable price and lasts for a longer time as compared to pomades from other companies. The presence of beeswax provides a protective coating on the hair that protects the hairstyle not only from sweat but also from hot and humid weather conditions.

Most of the pomades with heavy hold cause high pull and tug but the Lockhartโ€™s Authentic Pomade has lesser tug as compared to its competitors. The heavy hold ensures that the hair style is maintained all through the day and does not dry which gives you the option of re-styling your hair.

Your girl is surely going to get mesmerized with the coconut vanilla scent of this traditional pomade. The pomade is hand-crafted in the USA and they have provided an email to contact them in the case of any complaints or queries. The Lockhartโ€™s hair pomade has got 4.4 stars out of 5.0 by over 36 customers.

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Suavecito Premium Blends Hair Pomade, 4 oz.

41v71c-f9plThere is no denying the fact that Suavecito is one of the leading brands engaged in manufacturing pomades. Known to produce water-based pomades, Suavecito has delivered a masterpiece in the form of traditional/oil-based pomade. It is the only oil based pomade in the market that can be washed easily like any other water-based pomade. Amazing! Isnโ€™t it.

Recommended by the barber, Suavecito provides medium to strong hold and the hair style never gets disordered by rainy or windy weather. You can easily restyle the hair with a touch of water or a wet comb. You can use the pomade on all hair types ranging from long to short hair and thin to thick hair. The pomade comes with a pleasant fragrance again an encouraging factor to buy it repeatedly.

Manufactured by Suavecito, this premium oil-based pomade uses high-grade ingredients and is definitely a well thought out grooming product available at a reasonable price today. The pomade offers natural matte shine and is gentle on the scalp. Due to the thick formulation, you need only a little quantity to cover the whole head for styling your hair.

The Suavecito Premium Blends Hair Pomade is available in 4oz. packing that lasts for the long duration. The pomade has been successful to obtain 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars by over 60 customers.

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The best oil based pomade is that which provides medium to high hold, free from harsh chemicals, works well on all types of hair and smells great. Picking up the oil based pomade that works great on your hair is really a stressful activity. I hope the reviews of top rated oil based pomades will help you buy the best oil based pomade for you.

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