The Top Rated Axe Pomade Reviews in 2017

Pomades have been styling men since the time immemorial now. In older times there were simply hair greases that provided luster and moisture to hair and enabled us to style them. The primary employment of the pomades is still unchanged; however, pomades are no more just the perfumed petroleum jelly today !

Today pomades contain completely different ingredients (many organic and nutritional ones), no more damaged hair instead, the next-gen pomades protect them from the same, are lighter, easy to wash and less greasy. With so much competition in the market and such superfluity in the variety of pomades available, it is indeed a tough choice to make when it comes to buying the right product. Here are a few instructions while choosing the right kind of pomade for you.

So, what are pomades used for, at the very first place? HAIR obviously !! Hence select the type of pomade in accordance with your hair type. For example guys with thin hair must not use heavy pomades as it will hold a lot of hairs making them look even thinner, whereas if you have thick hair or very curly locks then use thick and heavy pomade, as a light one won’t be able to give you the right effect.

While going out and finally buying it, keep in mind the following features in order to land the appropriate pomade brand.

  • Check out the ingredients section. Avoid buying petroleum pomades as they are oil based pomades and do not wash off easily. They require hard shampoos to get rinsed off causing unnecessary damage to hair. Though both oil-based and water-based pomades have their own pros and cons and it is only up to the customer’s necessity to choose the right kind.
  • Water based pomades like AXE Clean-cut Look Pomade, are recommended as they are easy to wash off and less harmful than former. However, they tend to last for the shorter duration than oil based pomades.
  • Go for organic pomades if possible, they are though lighter but do not damage hair and are therefore most suitable for regular use. But if you are looking for a hard party pomp then choose a little heavier pomade like AXE Messy Look hair paste or AXE Smooth look hair Pomade.
  • Do not select a too greasy one, because they are actually very greasy (of course !). They hold the hair too much and then are also difficult to rinse. Go for a pomade which offers a moderate greasiness (if you like greasy..) but avoid using it excessively or daily.
  • Choose the one with proper sheen. Shine is important. Lustrous locks give a classy style to the entire face and shine is indeed a fundamental objective of using pomades. Therefore research well, read customer reviews to find out before buying and make a prudent choice.
  • Buy a branded product because quality will directly affect your darling hair. Go for standard brands for example AXE pomades or any other brand that suits you. A reliable product won’t cheat you with the quality and fulfill all the promises they made on advertisements.

These tips are simply in the context of general advice. For further guidance, I have listed here the top three Axe pomade reviews, based on a popular choice of customers, and their features to direct you even more efficiently towards the right path. So here you go .

AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade :


If your hair is short or Mid-length then this water-based magic gel is the one for you. The specialty here is that it can give just the right effect with a small quantity itself. It will give you the same long lasting shine even if you use only a fingertip amount of it.

With a moderate hold and fine sheen, it gives a stern and stylish look to the user and a crunchy finish to the locks. It is especially useful in overcoming daily proof and is extremely handy in handling messy hair without compromising on style.

It consists of hydrogenated castor oils to provide protection from damage along with the classy finish. To use it, simply take a fingertip of it and mix well between your fingers, rake, comb and there you go ! Enjoy the long lasting fragrance, luster and that smooth and polished look it gives you. Moreover, it won’t make your hair stiff or look wet like most products of the same range and this is the reason why it is so popular among dudes.

It won’t flake away when you’re out and when air and other things are brushing over your hairs and will keep your bangs in the perfect shape.

Be the lock slightly wavy or extremely curvy, it will manage them all and leave you with no hard work but a perfect hairstyle. Also since it is water based and not so greasy, it washes off easily and requires no hard shampoos to get your hairs damaged afterwards.

So you see? Hitting so many birds with a single stone !!

Worried about the cost? oh, don’t be ! It is absolutely cheap. The pomade has got 4.1 stars out of 5 stars by over 140 customers.

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AXE Smooth Look Hair Pomade :


Is that stylish, combed behind hairs with a classic shine and smoothness, your cup of tea? If yes, then AXE Smooth Look Hair Pomade is your product !

This one is another water-based from the former brand and is a popular choice due to the classy and elegant flavor it brings to the personality. I know there are several other brands offering the same thing, then why I suggested this? Because it’s different from all its competitive products as it gives impeccable shine with the smooth and handy finish after styling that you will not at all feel like you are carrying around a fragile headgear (as you usually do). That’s the catch ! You can roam around freely, with all your swag safely managed by AXE Smooth Look Hair Pomade and it will never compromise on your style.

This is the product that is permitting absolutely stylishly gorgeous bangs with zero maintenance throughout the day and allowing you to touch it every time you feel like without being afraid of spoiling the hairstyle. Miracle? Wait, there is more. It keeps your hair structured, lustrous and dazzling throughout the day, you can easily restyle them and rinse without any trouble, anytime !

It is a light gel with medium hold and is a prudent choice for soft and smooth hairstyles. It offers a long lasting command, shine, and hold on hair effortlessly and with its minty smell, it harmonizes with all types of hair, be it thick, thin or wavy. It won’t damage or degrade the quality of your hair even after a frequent use, unlike other similar products. Use it to feel the magic on your own. And it is cheap just like it’s former cousin. The Axe Smooth Look Hair Pomades has got 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars from over 300 customers.

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AXE Messy Look Hair Paste :


Tired of those heavy gels in quest of a perfectly messy hair? Try this out. As the name suggests, it is formulated to give you the exact messy, spunky-dude look you were looking for, that too with an utterly natural finish. Apart from being long lasting on the grounds of shine and structure, it will improve your hair texture instantly and manage your hair in an effortless way that you may have never experienced. All the hard work you do with it is, pour a fingertip of it, mix, rake, mess it up and rock ! Rest of the things will be taken care of by your hair’s one and only best friend AXE Messy Look Hair Pomade.

Not only these, it also allows flexible reshaping and easy rinsing. It maintains hold throughout the day and also keeps the fragrance alive for a very long time.

It won’t damage your hair, nor make it stiff, won’t flake them and you can trust it with the long lasting finish.

Just apply the right amount of it according to your hair’s thickness and get the perfect messy hairs with a matte finish. The only con here is that it smells a little bit girlish (but that makes a plus point too because girls with a pixie hair cut can effectively use it too, wynk!!).

For an even better performance, use this with AXE Dual 2-in-1 shampoo plus conditioner and complement both with phoenix shower gel. You’ll thank me even more after the first use right away, so wanna give it try? And guess what, it is completely under budget since it is available at a very reasonable price. The pomade has got 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars from 300 customers.

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I guess this was a helpful treat for you, I am not digging into you to buy Axe products, but it is just that they are a perfect hair care range, with quality within affordability. Rest is up to you but it definitely worth’s a shot !! What do you think?

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