American Crew Pomade review – 2017

There are countless questions that keep cropping in the minds of style conscious young people today regarding the best pomade for them. As a youth of today, you may get an unlimited advice from different people like your hairdresser, girlfriend, friends or colleagues but none is good enough when it comes to buying a perfect pomade for your hair-type. Yes! The selection of pomade depends a lot on the type of hair yet there are certain features and aspects of pomades that you must consider to take a wise decision while picking best pomade for your hair type.

American Crew is one brand that you can trust for its reliable styling products and is tried and tested pomade since many years. Pompadours, slicks, duck tail or cult status, American Crew pomades offer a range of pomades designed to provide moderate to high degrees of hold and shine. American crew pomade reviews will help you get a clear idea about the pros and cons of a particular hair pomade and helps you to buy a suitable American pomade

Features of American Crew pomades

Texture. The American Crew pomade is a formulation in the form of a paste. The smooth texture ensures easy application. The pomade spreads nicely from the roots to the end of the hair strands.

Shine. The pomades from American Crew provide a matte finish to high gloss shine. You can choose from a variety of American Crew pomades that provide varying degrees of shine.

Application. You can apply the pomade on hair with minimal efforts. Even a novice will find it easy to apply the pomade without creating much fuss.

Hold. The list of top American Crew pomades offers 3 different pomades with distinct results on hair. Each of these types of American Crew pomades provides different levels of the hold which you can pick according to your hair type. American Crew pomade review is given in the succeeding section of this article. All the American Crew pomades provide control on the required hold.

Durability. American Crew pomades are long lasting and the hairstyles done with strong hold/dry hair remain intact in all weather conditions. For medium hold pomades, you can restyle it by either applying an additional small quantity of pomade or by just getting the hair wet before combing it.

Wash-ability. The American Crew pomades are non-oily and water-soluble. So no issues with washing.

Ingredients. The American Crew pomades are made from high-quality ingredients which ensure that there are no side effects. The American Crew pomades safeguards your hair and scalp from damage and roughness.


  • Water-based pomade
  • Hassle free washing
  • Economical
  • Low to high Hold availability
  • Moderate to high shine
  • Durable
  • Smells awesome


Since the American Crew pomades are thick concentrated solution, some may find it difficult in the start to apply the right ratio but with little experience there is no match to American Crew pomades.


Top Rated American Crew Pomade reviews in 2017

American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme For Men 3 Ounces

91bv999iw4l-_sy355_Men who try really hard to look and feel smart and confident can surely trust AMERICAN CREW for all their grooming and styling needs. American Crew Fiber Creme is one of the hair styling products that gives an active and confident look to men right from the morning till late night. You can get up in same hairdo the next morning with only a few strands going awry! Yes, the hair styled with AMERICAN CREW fiber provides a hold to your hair that is not disturbed by a nap or a change of clothes. The AMERICAN CREW fiber crème is medium hold, low shine pomade that can be restyled with running fingers through hair.

This fiber from AMERICAN CREW is a versatile styling formulation that gives you great flexibility and control to let you style your hair in the modern or retro look. The fiber is compatible with most of the hair types whether it is short, long, thin or thick. The fiber is light on the head and will not give you any wet or greasy feeling like other pomades. The fiber crème promises to convert unruly hair to clean and elegant look.

You need only a small amount of fiber crème to get your favourite hair style that lets the container last for a long time. This pomade is simple to use.

  • take a finger-full quantity from the pack
  • rub between the fingers
  • spread the solution evenly through the hair
  • Finally, comb the hair

The fiber smells good and has a light fragrance which will enchant anyone who comes close to you! Once you use it, you will never ditch this impressive hair-care solution from AMERICAN CREW. Highly recommended, the pomade has got 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars from more than 1179 customers.

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American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men

dsdAMERICAN CREW pomade will cost you less if you consider the low running cost of the pomade since it requires only a small bit to get the desired style. The AMERICAN CREW pomade has a smooth and soft aroma that will appeal to your senses. The pomade is thick and has the perfect consistency of ingredients and has a vast number of applications. The AMERICAN CREW Pomade is a medium hold and lightweight styling product. The pomade is easy to apply and dries quickly.

The pomade provides a high shine with and if you need a matte finish, you can apply it on wet little damp hair. The pomade provides a satisfactory hold on your hair and the texture of the AMERICAN CREW pomade adds the sparkle to the hair. The pomade will last long throughout the day unless it is disturbed by some external but really disturbing factors. Since it provides a medium hold, you have to re-style it, in case it gets disordered. All you need to do is wet it slightly and you are ready to face the world again with your stylish hair.

This pomade from AMERICAN CREW is easy to wash and does not leave any buildups on hair after removing it unlike other pomades of the same category. The AMERICAN CREW with medium hold for Men is easy to handle and reliable product and the alternative of any conventional oil based pomade with medium hold. The formulation will provide your hair with the visible comb lines that add a sexy appeal to your looks.

The AMERICAN CREW pomade is a phenomenal water-based pomade that works like oil based pomade and the fine results are clearly notable. This economical pack pomade has got 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars from over 726 customers.

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American Crew Grooming Crème, 3 Ounce

new-american-crew-3oz-pomade-fiber-forming-crew-grooming-cream-all-hair-types-8a900d1b70b53061a911ad33689da827The American Crew Grooming Crème is meant for men having messy, curly or unmanageable thick hair. The pomade provides high-holding strength but at the same time provides you with the flexibility to control it at your will. You have the option to keep the hair style hard to disturb if applied on extreme dry hair and can have more manageable when applied on a bit wet hair. Same way you can have moderate to a high shine.

The AMERICAN CREW pomade is water based and you need not worry about washing it since it is easily washable with water without the use of any type of harmful chemicals. Unlike oily pomades, the AMERICAN CREW pomade is not going to create any heaviness on the head or create any skin problems on the forehead or face. The hairstyle lasts till you go to bed but you can re-style it easily with wet fingertips.

AMERICAN CREW grooming products are manufactured in USA and has earned a reputation among young men worldwide. The pomade works remarkably well with short to medium hair lengths. The texture of your rough hair gets a softness and manageable after applying AMERICAN CREW pomade paste. You will attract the fairer gender with its fresh and attractive perfume.

Most of the pomades available online or in-stores are not for first timers but the application of AMERICAN CREW pomade is simple and the pomade can be used by both professional stylists and beginners. You only need a small quantity of this paste, massage it in your hands and run through the hair. Believe me, it will not be lumpy and the paste will spread uniformly over the hair to get any style you fancy.

A 3 Oz packing is rightly priced and will last over a year because it’s a highly concentrated paste made from fine ingredients. The AMERICAN CREW hair care line is an all-in-one solution to take care of your shabby hair. You can use AMERICAN CREW pomade is made from natural ingredients to permanently get rid of rough and messy hair.

So, if you want the girls to yell WHAAAO !!! then go, buy this top rated pomade, a product of a top MNC. The pomade has got 4.3 out of 5.0 stars from more than 192 customers.

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AMERICAN CREW offers economical pomade/fiber solutions that are not only good for your scalp and hair but also lets you achieve both classical and modern hair looks. It is lightweight, maintains the hold without compromising on quality and durability. I hope the guidelines and the AMERICAN CREW pomade reviews will help you in your quest for best pomades.

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