My name is Franklin and a lot of people know me as The Pomade Guy. Not a very original nickname I know, but seeing it was decades ago when pomade was a regularly used product and a lot of people don’t even really know what it is, it was the best they could do!!

However I am what you could call a pomade veteran, my grandfather introduced me to it when I was young and I have been using it ever since. Because I’ve been using it for so long, I can assure you that I’ve probably used every brand and type of pomade out there, suffered some nasty side effects and found products that deliver amazing results.

Now I’ve been telling my friends and everyone I meet about the great benefits of pomade, which are the best brands and varieties to use for their hair or to get that specific look, the differences between oil and water based pomade’s and how to take care of their hair if they were to start using pomade on a regular basis.

Here are the articles I’ve published:

Now sometimes people ignore my advice, but often I convince them to just give pomade a try. And not a single one of the people I’ve convinced to give pomade a chance have ever used hairspray, hair wax, hair mousse or hair gel ever again. Because when you’re using the right pomade for your needs – you just can’t match it!

Now as I mentioned, pomade is not a well known product – so there aren’t many reliable sources to find out about it. And that’s why I’ve created this website. Because I want everyone, whether they’re a complete pomade newbie or a veteran who’s been using it as long as I have, to be able to find accurate, reliable info about this glorious product.

And as there are other hair care products you’re going to need to become accustomed to using if you decide to join the pomade revolution, my site will also feature reviews on related products, as well as articles on the different hairstyles you can achieve with pomade and how to get that look you crave.

So whether you’re sporting a quiff, an undercut, a pompadour, a ducktail or any other hairstyle made for pomade then I welcome you and invite you to explore my first class guide on all things pomade related!!